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The Many Ways to Eat Shito – African Fish Sauce

The Many Ways to Eat Shito – African Fish Sauce

I thought I would write an article on Shito (what we have called the African Fish sauce). Often people who have bought this condiment from us have asked how to use it and what to eat it with. Well hopefully this article answers your questions.

Shito as it is known in Ghana is a fish and chilli oil slow cooked for hours giving it a rich umami flavour.  The word Shito means ‘pepper’ and there are different versions of it. Families in Ghana will have their own recipe for this condiment. It is said to have originated from the Ga people of Ghana who lived by the coast and made their living primarily from fishing.

The shop bought shito is almost black in colour (also called shito din or dark pepper) and has a fishy taste, but you will find ours  is brown in colour, it’s a fresher version which  in Ghana is called ‘kpakpo shito’ . It is gluten free, less fishy and contains dried fish, shrimps and fresh ingredients like tomatoes , lots of chillies and ginger.

Shito is eaten with kenkey,fried yam or potato, hardboiled eggs, plain rice for a quick snack  and any other food you like spicy for example BBQ food.

Here are a couple more modern examples in pictures of what you can eat your Shito – African fish sauce with:

Crackers (this is our favourite when sampling at events) , vegetable sticks , toasted pitta bread and tortilla chips.


And finally as a salad dressing……


Now that you’ve seen a few of our favourite ways to eat Shito , what’s yours? Send us all your suggestions and if you can handle the heat, try some!




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